In 2017 I built this site from scratch as a school project. It has continued to be both a hub for my online presence — showcasing my work, managing events, and occasionally blogging — and a sandbox where I can test out new design ideas.

Comet Opera

In 2018, I created a second site from scratch for the UT Dallas organization Comet Opera. The site was designed to handle current show information and archival material, with Advanced Custom Fields used across the back end to keep everything organized and replicable. It also included a password-protected "Backstage" page for current performers only, where they could view production schedules and access a library of video and audio resources. (As of 2019, the live site is under new student management and the branding/architecture has been reworked.)

Site Management

In addition to developing the above two sites, I have previously managed, updated, and maintained:

  • 4 WordPress sites for Hunsicker Senior Living Services, which were taken over by Love & Company in 2016.
  • Many client sites (WordPress, Magento, static HTML, and other CMS) for the web development agency Visual App (2017-2020).
  • OperaInConcert.org, which was originally built by William C. Miranda of WokDigital (2018-2020).
  • 15 WordPress client sites for the web design studio Digital House Creative (2020).
  • Security Central, the internal security employee resource site for Equifax, which I also fully redesigned to improve accessibility and information architecture (2021).

Hunsicker Senior Living Services

Between 2015-2016, I created ads, banners, and placeholder design assets for Hunsicker Senior Living Services. I also helped write copy and manage blog posts for their multiple websites, assisted with events, and handled data.

Comet Opera

I designed Comet Opera's brand identity from scratch to give the organization a classy, simple, elegant look, including reworking the logo as the organization underwent a name change. As marketing director from 2018-2019, I handled all of Comet Opera's social media, posters, flyers, and ads (including some video teasers for campus TV), and also created print programs and projection/supertitle designs for the live events.

You can view the video teasers for Much Ado About Nothing and Così Fan Tutte on Comet Opera's Youtube channel.

Opera in Concert

In addition to helping manage their site, I designed posters, handouts, emails, and digital ads for Opera in Concert.

Art and Storyboards

I started out as a preproduction designer at UT Dallas, and still enjoy creating art both traditionally and digitally. I'm fond of dramatic lighting, character interactions, vivid colors, pencil lines, and expressive movement.

You can explore more art, view storyboards and animatics, or learn more about the original universe Commonplace where some of these works originated.