In Italy with Opera in Concert!

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Teatro comunale di Cagli

Teatro Comunale di Cagli.

I am thrilled to announce that this summer (May 24-June 16) I will be studying and performing in Urbino, Italy with Opera in Concert!

This program focuses on language, culture, and the musical and dramatic aspects of opera performance. I will get to meet other young artists, adventure around Italy, improve my accent and comprehension, and take my Italian a little further than flirting, lamenting, and challenging people to duels!

There will be masterclasses, voice lessons, and dramatic coaching all week long, and on Fridays we rehearse for concerts – at the Sala degli Specchi (Hall of Mirrors) in Citta di Castello on June 8th, the Teatro Comunale in Cagli (pictured) on June 10, and the Cortile of the Casa della Poesia in Urbino on June 13! Everyone performs in concert, sometimes as soloists but also in duets and scenes with each other. Opera in Concert aims to produce performers who are not only informed and technically skilled, but dramatically connected with the text as well.

To help me get to Urbino, you can donate at my PayPal link. Everyone who donates may request either a custom piece of art, or proofreading and editing for any one piece of writing. You are also invited to attend the Mirror, Mirror benefit concerts in February and March: two concerts exploring the timelessness of the human experience by pairing pop songs with opera arias. Pianist Lauren Barr accompanies!

Thank you for your support in this new adventure!

December 19th, 2017