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Comet Opera's About page (Ivey Barr 2018)

Web Design

Year: 2017-2018

This personal site grew from a 2017 class assignment into a portfolio resource – and a testing ground for new ideas. This was my first web design project, and it’s continued to evolve as I learn!

In 2018 I created the Comet Opera homepage for the UT Dallas opera club, starting from a blank WordPress theme, just like I did for my own site.

I also currently help edit and maintain Opera in Concert, although I did not create that site or its theme.

Marketing Design

Year: 2017-2018

I currently create marketing designs for Comet Opera and for Opera in Concert!

As Comet Opera’s marketing director, I developed our design identity and also helped the organization evolve through name and icon changes to stay consistent with university branding guidelines for student organizations, as well as managing social media and creating posters, flyers, and videos to promote productions.

You can also view a sample of video marketing for Comet Opera on their YouTube channel.

Ad Design

Year: 2015-2016

As a junior marketing coordinator for Hunsicker Senior Living Services, I created ads and banners and sometimes placeholder design assets.

Art and Illustration

Year: 2014-2017
Medium: Digital, pencil, ink

Here are a few illustration samples! I’m fond of dramatic lighting, character interactions, vivid colors, pencil lines, and expressive movement.

You can see more at the link below the gallery, view storyboards and animatics, or learn more about the original universe Commonplace where some of these works originated.

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